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The Nordic, or Northern, breed of dogs refers to dogs of the spitz-type, i.e. any stocky breeds that are native to Northern regions
(Alaska, Siberia, Northern Europe).  Nordic dog fur is double coated, and they often exude strong personalities and intelligence.


Nordic Dog Breeds

The Ainu’s (or Hokkaido dog) character is full of desirable qualities. The breed has proven a fearless and determined hunter, watchdog, guard and defender, as well as a loyal and well-behaved dog.

American Eskimo
Bred solely to be companions, the American Eskimo Dog thrives on being part of the family. They are considered to be one of the most intelligent of all dog breeds.

Chinese Shar-Pei
Intelligent, dignified and a wonderful companion to the experienced owner, the Chinese Shar-pei is not for everyone. He can do well with children, but should be supervised around infants.

Makes an excellent pet for children, especially when the dog is raised with them. Chinooks are incredibly loyal and work reliably off-leash.

East Siberian Laika
This highly active breed needs a consistent means to let loose its energy and hunting instinct, or else the East Siberian Laika will find a less constructive way to do so.

Eskimo Dog
Alert, curious and very intelligent, The Eskimo Dog is easy to train, and once commands have been mastered, he never forgets them.

Eurasier dogs are calm, even-tempered dogs. They are watchful and alert, yet reserved towards strangers without being timid or aggressive. 

Finnish Lapphund
One of the ten most popular breeds in Finland.  Since it was employed as a herding dog that needed to work closely with man, the Finnish Lapphund remains popular as a family pet.

Finnish Spitz
Brave, friendly, lively and alert and a playful rascal, the Finnish Spitz enjoys and demands affection and attention.

German Spitz
Happy, alert, watchful and buoyant, German Spitz make good watchdogs.  And as with other Nordic breeds, consistent and focused training is needed to bring out the best in the German Spitz breed.

German Wolfspitz
Of the five known sizes of German Spitz, the Wolfspitz is among the largest.  With a single grey color coat, German Wolfspitz are most adaptable, happily going with owners on a 30-mile walk or cuddling in front of the fire.

Giant German Wolfspitz
Like so many of the other northern breeds, the German Spitzes are happy and buoyant, displaying charming smiles and seeming to laugh with you—or at you.

Greenland Dog
(aka Grønlandshunden)
Powerful, heavy-built and principally remains a working dog. The Greenland Dog is not a good first-time dog, since it requires a master who really understands canine behavior.

Iceland Sheepdog
Cheerful, friendly, highly active, inquisitive, playful and unafraid. Most Icelandic Sheepdogs adore children and get along well with other dogs and pets

(aka Swedish Elkhound), Bred for hunting large game, such as wolf, bear and moose.  The Jamthund needs daily exercise, lest it become frustrated or even destructive.

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