Dog Breeds & Dog Groups

Toy Breeds:
These dogs are great for small dwellings and will keep you warm on a winter night.

Hound Breeds:
Each dog breed in this group is very different. Learn about dog grooming as well as proper canine diet.

Nordic Breeds:
Many of the dogs in this group are known to be fearless, determined hunters, guards, and defenders.

Herding Breeds:
Known for their intelligence,  these dogs make great companions and are easily trained.

Mastiff Breeds:
Many dogs in this group are not friendly outside of their human family, but they do make great protectors.

Working Dogs:
These dogs were bred to guard property, pull sleds and perform water rescues.

Sporting Dogs:
Very active and alert, Sporting dogs make loving family dogs and all around companions.

Sight Hound Breeds:
Developed to hunt, these dogs hunt by sight not scent. They need plenty of exercise.

Non-Sporting Dogs:
A diverse and varied group in regards to size, coat, personality and overall appearance.

Long-Legged Terrier Breeds:
From small to large, these dogs are energetic and need daily exercise.

Short-Legged Terrier Breeds:
These are lively dogs! The owner must like being "on the go".

Dog Breed Information Directory
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Explore our dog breed directory and research information into the diverse world of canines. 
Whether you’re looking for information on your dog, or for background into a possible pet, look here for what you need.

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